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The founder of Naked Vengeance, André is a nexus of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. Born in Trinidad, he grew up actively despising almost all forms of music up until the age of 14 (he would actually turn off the radio anytime it was on). That all changed when his cousin introduced him to Guns N’ Roses’ “Use Your Illusions I” and Metallica’s “Load”. Always the extreme, he immediately formed a band, placing himself as the lead guitarist and lead singer. From day 1, this band has been Naked Vengence.


Several lineup changes, and several years later, André realized that no one in his home country was taking the band as seriously as he and there was no future there. Without a friend in town, Andre found his way to Miami and immediately began looking for all new members for Naked Vengence. With a drive that could only be described as insatiable, he soon had the band he needed, reworked the material, recorded an EP and secured a management contract. Providing the voice and the vision, Naked Vengeance is as much an extension of Andre as it is his expression.



Naked Vengeance is:

André Michael – Vocals, Rhythm / Lead Guitar

Adam Saunders – Drums

David Ulloa – Lead / Rhythm Guitar

Rob Ciarsolo – Bass

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