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Born to Cuban parents in Miami, David was raised on classic rock and metal. With a family full of musicians, it wasn’t long before he was sitting in front of a piano, composing his own original material and banging his head to Bach and Mozart. Soon, he was banging his head to new composers and new instruments. Picking up his first guitar at age 12, David began writing music influeced by such great blues and rock guitarists as Slash, Jimmy Page, Randy Rhoads, Michael Bloomfield, Alex Lifeson, Otis Rush, and Buddy Guy.


Pushed by his wife to get back into the world of music after a long hiatus, David contacted André, whom had already found a lead guitarist. Keeping in contact with him, the two had arranged to sit down and jam on their guitars when Andre says “We are firing our guitarist. Our jam session is now an audition.” David immediately fell in love with the music and the band. Infusing blues and classic rock groves into Naked Vengeance’s metal driven riffs has given the band an unique style and revolutionized the world of metal.



Naked Vengeance is:

André Michael – Vocals, Rhythm / Lead Guitar

Adam Saunders – Drums

David Ulloa – Lead / Rhythm Guitar

Rob Ciarsolo – Bass


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