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Rob is the son of two immigrants from the Basque Country in northern Spain. For as long as he can remember, music has been a special part of his life, and his greatest passion. He first learned how to play bass guitar at about thirteen, when a group of his best friends, one of which was Dave Ulloa, decided they would start a band. He took to the instrument like a fish to water. Eventually, the band broke up, and Rob decided to take a break. But it was in this time that he discovered new inspirations in music, which made him a much better-rounded musician. He re-discovered his passion for singing from his youth, and listening to groups like The Beatles and the Beach Boys opened his mind to one of the most useful tools in songwriting: the vocal harmony.


After a long break without playing, Rob was contacted by his buddy Dave. Dave asked him if he would be willing to try-out for the band Dave had been playing with called Naked Vengeance. He shook the rust off and made it into the band. His unique writing style and soaring backing vocals have given NV a whole new dynamic, and one that is helping bring the band to its rightful place atop the Rock N’ Roll world.




Naked Vengeance is:

AndrĂ© Michael – Vocals, Rhythm / Lead Guitar

Adam Saunders – Drums

David Ulloa – Lead / Rhythm Guitar

Rob Ciarsolo – Bass

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